November 6, 2007.

Eulogy to George.

Today is a very difficult day. We are saying goodbye to George, my husband of 31 years and my best friend.  He was born in Odessa , Ukraine in 9/10/55.

We met and married while in college. He had Masters Degree in Electronic Engineering.

He passed away suddenly at home on Sunday during his favorite pastime – swimming.

I have one person here in audience – his uncle Ilya who knew  him since birth.

Others friends knew him for 20 years, and others in our new home community only for 7 months. But I am sure you will all agree he was a wonderful man.

He was a wonderful father to his sons and grandfather to Jason.

Not many of you know that his life was not easy. He had some physical limitations all his life but he was daring, compassionate  man, man of perfection and set his goals high.

He knew there was not future for Jews in Soviet Union and we left in 1982 for a new country to make a good life there.

It was hard but he was very determined, worked hard and achieved a lot. Many American born friends were amazed at his achievements – success at work, then startup of his own businesses. Failed in one, succeeded in other. 

He was born with rare decease Emery-Dreifuss syndrome which is a mild form of MD and effects muscles including heart. He knew he had not much time. His brother Alexander had same decease and died suddenly at 39.

George had his first illness at 39 as well when heart stopped for a moment and resulted in clot in the brain. He suffered a stroke but we could afford a good health care and he recovered 95%. It took a year but  he was back to life, doing what he loved – playing piano and guitar, traveling and enjoying his family.

We both knew that every day after that was a gift. He lived longer to see his sons to grow and through graduations, he was extremely proud of becoming Ed a Dr. and introduced him to stressing at title DR.

We were waiting for Mike to graduate and maybe go to law school and become a DA and then it would be a fulfillment of Jewish parent’s dream – a Dr. and a Lawyer in the family.

He accomplished so much in 52 years that many people do not do in lifetime.

When he felt he was not feeling that well he finally decided to slow down, close his computer consulting business and join me in my Travel Agency’ business. He brought my agency to next level with his knowledge of technology and Internet. Many colleagues were amazed that from small home based business we have loyal nationwide and quite a few international clients.

Then when we became empty nesters he started looking for place in Florida. He had brilliant head on his shoulders and made great financial and business decisions. He always wanted to live in warm climate where “my hands will be always warm”. With luck, we sold a house and moved to Palm Harbor where we found a wonderful community of caring neighbors including some of you here today.

I think in only 7 months living here he already met many new friends and enjoyed them.

He enjoyed the nature, beaches, birds, ponds. He even enjoyed hot summer because he was spending a lot of time at the beach and the pool. Pool was favorite place at our house.

He was looking forward to warm winter . Then the illness had its second strike and heart stopped and I found him floating in the pool. It was shocking but I think he would prefer to go this way.

He always was telling me if he would have to go, he would want it painless and not at hospital bed. He got it.

My sons and I decided to bury him here because in such a short time he was very happy here. He was not religious man but I hope he will be watching us from somewhere and his body will rest in here in peaceful cemetery under Florida sun.


Thank you all for coming.

[Sophia Kulich]